Num lock on mac parallels

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Hi bpops, Thank you for posting your Wineskin Winery tutorial. I have a question that you might be able to help with: The number keys on the keypad don't appear to do anything, as if in Windows the Numlock mode is off. I've seen plenty of advice about using the Clear key by itself or with shift or option , but haven't found the magic combination. Do you have any advice for my situation? Originally Posted by bpops. Originally Posted by MikeB. Congrats on pulling it off Out of curiosity, how is the emulation speed-wise? O-F Administrator. The number keys on the keypad don't appear to do anything, as if in Windows the Numlock mode is off.

Well this is one thing I never expected Thank you! I'm having a few flickering issues, but haven't had time to troubleshoot them at all. I'm also having the same problems with the controls and the unclosable menus. Since I'm running this on a laptop, I tried installing KeyRemap4Macbook to let me use the uiojkl keys as a numberpad.

I also saw that Orbiter's keymap. I tried editing the keymap to reflect this, and tried mashing every combo of keys I could think of without any luck. So far the only thing that has worked is changing the keymap.

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Only downside of this is that my DG keeps opening and closing the nosecone during flight! Thanks again for posting this, it's very nice to be commanding a DG again after so many years! Out of curiosity, how is the emulation speed-wise? Thanked by: BruceJohnJennerLawso. Originally Posted by Dambuster. Have you tried opening one of the menus in game? For me, full-screen flickers like mad until I open a menu, then it goes away although I can't close the menu after that. My first goal is in trying to solve the numeric keypad issue.

Hopefully some of you can help me figure this out. I've only spent a couple hours researching what exactly is going on, but it seems like a "numeric keypad" on mac is just treated as the numbers. In other words, when I press 1 on the numeric keypad, it is the same as a 1 next to the tilde key.

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But in windows, you must turn num lock off for a numeric keypad to work properly in Orbiter. And in this case, the number keys take on different roles. Thanked by: MikeB.

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Our long platform nightmare may be close to being over. I figured out a solution to using the number pad on Mac. Please see my blog post now updated with this information.

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Oh, and for those of you who followed my instructions and still have the screen flickering issue, it would be interesting to know it would be solved with using the D3D 9 or 11 visualization. Please if you try it out let us know if it solves the problem? They may or may not work for you. Please send feedback to support bridgecomposer.

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Many computers can be set up for "dual boot". When you power-up or reboot the computer, you can select which operating system to boot. If you have installed Windows as a secondary OS and select it at boot time, then you can run BridgeComposer.

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I understand that the Apple utility for dual-booting is known as " Boot Camp ". With " Parallels Desktop for Mac ", you can reportedly run both Mac and Windows applications side-by-side without rebooting. This product apparently uses " hardware virtualization " to run both OS at the same time.

This solution likely requires the purchase of a Windows license, in addition to the Parallels software. On both machines I am running Windows 7 and find that any modern program designed for Windows runs satisfactorily on the computers. This includes several bridge programs such as Q-Bridge and the programs written by Bernard Magee. As you are aware, I am also running BridgeComposer and find that it is very smooth and that there are no problems running it on the Mac.

The only issue I had was in the download because it was an exe file but you resolved this problem for me. I simply renamed the file by removing the. Learn more about Teams. Keystroke in AppleScript maps numbers to those on keypad, which cause some problems Ask Question.

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