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Download e installazione della Guida. La tua valutazione per Nero -. No thanks Submit review. No grazie, continua a scaricare Nero. Installa ora il nuovo Opera. E adesso? Apple Releases Logic Pro X Here's What's New. Discussion Aram Bedrosian.

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Hi, I found this article interesting and enlightening. Well done. Right now I'm trying to take audio from logic, sync it with video in quicktime 7 and upload it to youtube. I've found tips online suggesting the proper export settings for audio but for some reason I'm getting strangely inconsistent results. For example: Can you please shed some light on this? Thanks so much, Aram. I see you at macprovideo are making your presentations into an 'information flow', with clear diagrams..

Hi Jon, Thanks!

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Glad to hear you find this blog useful! Completely agree that switching from Creative to technical can slow you down in any creative pursuit. Keep checking the Blog and of course the Video tutorials which will help you fly with Logic. Knowing most of technical side of Logic leaves a whole lot more time to experiment and explore the creative side: Hi Aram, Sorry to have missed your comment I've tried looking at your first videos If you'd still like some help let me know here or pop by the www.

Best Rounik. Hey Rounik, I know this isn't the forum for it but I've used your advice about 10 times already for different parts of Logic 9 and wanted to ask if you could help me with some issues with my audio interface. Mostly I have this 16 track board and I'm using it for my interface but other than the gain knob for each track, none of the other knobs have any effect on what is being recorded. The faders, highs, mids, and low knobs all have no effect. Just wondering if you knew of any way to fix that. Thanks for all the help!!

Come masterizzare CD su Mac

Hi Chris Thanks for the question. Is it a recognised control surface in Logic?

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Probably best to post this in a new thread on the Macprovideo Logic forums: I've made the leap from Logic 4. How do can I import completely finished scores from the very old to the new? Thanks ahead. Hi Have you tried opening the Logic 4. You will need to find someone with a copy of Logic 7 that will be able to open the Logic 4.

Logic 9 is capable of opening Logic 7 projects. Hope this helps Rounik. Hi Rounik, Great posting. Clear and factual. You are clearly a great teacher.

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  7. Say, I am having an issue that just surfaced. What have I done to cause this? My initial mixes where at 85 mgs HUGE file I appreciate your feedback in advance.

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    Hi Chet, Thanks for the kind words. A couple of questions: What file format and bit depth did you originally bounce the project to Also, did you bounce the entire timeline of the project - or just using locators around the song?

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    Thanks R. I like to create the files when I am bouncing so I have them available for various uses.

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    I am kind of new to Logic. I used it years ago, but discovered Garage Band and became very good with it I have the resolution set at