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It reduces the appearance of pores while also reducing shine that can emphasize skin texture and visible pores.

Review and Rave on MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

And despite its powder formula, this matte foundation won't dry your skin or emphasize fine lines of dry patches. This is because the formula of this foundation is so lightweight and airy — almost unbelievable considering how much coverage it can give.


MAC has a huge array of shades for the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation — all of which promise never to cake, streak, or crease on your skin. On top of that, these foundations stay true to its color for up to 12 hours without any signs of wear. And if you're worried about the flashback you'll get when you wear this foundation to a photo shoot, rest easy because the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is very photo-friendly. And if anything, its matte formula can even reduce excess shine on pictures! Even though this matte powder foundation won't dry out your skin, it's still best to apply your usual skincare routine beforehand.

Once your skincare products have been absorbed by your skin, you can move on to makeup. Since this is a powder foundation, you must first use your cream products before applying this. That includes your primer, foundation if you're using the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation as a setting powder , concealer, cream blush, cream highlight, and cream contour.

Next, dab the applicator sponge into the product and dab it onto your skin. Never use swiping motions as this may disturb any product you've applied underneath.

MAC Philippines: A Global House of Glamour

Dab the product in until it blends into your skin. You can then apply the rest of your makeup and finish it off with a setting powder. Wala akong mahanap noon ng paborito kong powder foundation dahil out of stock daw that's why nag-decide akong Read more. Yung skin ko ay medyo on the dry side talaga kaya ang ginagamit ko talagang mga foundation ay yung mga liquid lang Meron itong medium hanggang heavy na coverage sa balat.

Ideal ito sa mga madaling magkaroon ng mga blemish at Produced by kakaku. Lowest Price P1, 56 Prices. It is also good to note that expiration dates are printed on the bottle and on the box so you'll really know the shelf-life of the product. Although other people find this expensive, I guess the product is worth the price because a little of it can go a long way and I think this will last me for years considering that I only use this on times that I need to glam up and be picture-perfect!

What I don't like with this product is that it actually tends to be choosy with its environment. Based on experience, this foundation melts easily in warm and humid environment and that it doesn't last up to 8 hours, which is quite contrary to what MAC says. However, when I used this and stayed in a cool air-conditioned place, the product stayed longer and provides me a very good natural-matte finish. Most of the time, it's really unavoidable to be exposed to warm temperatures especially when you're here in the Philippines. In that way, I'm able to appreciate what MAC says about this product.

Another thing I also don't like is the smell. The foundation tends to give off a distinct smell which I don't find pleasing. To sum it up, I think this product does it job pretty well except that you have to be also choosy when to use it. If you're going to be outdoors the entire day, skip this one even though it say that it's oil-free and long-lasting. If you're going to be indoors and in a cooler area, use this by all means especially if you're going to an event.

Go ahead and fascinate people with your flawless look! Have you also used this one? What do you think of this product? I'd love to hear from you!

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Great review! Makeup by Rachel. Awesome review! I am still on the hunt for the perfect foundation that lasts all day Out of all the makeup you've tried, is there one you've found particularly long lasting through humid, hot weather? Actually, i did found one but sadly I can't find in here in our city anymore. You know how primers can be very useful for a lasting make-up? What an exciting time of year to be a beauty enthusiast lol! I present to you my incomplete Holiday Collection Wishlist:. It was also the one that I fell in love with when I swatched it. The colour is right up my alley and I am dying to get my hands on it.

Again, click the link to see a full review! This goes for the rest of the items on this list, too. They are, however, in a twist-up mechanism and they run out quickly, so buying them in sets makes a lot of sense.

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