How to install mac mini without keyboard

Just plug all of your peripherals into your new Mac mini.

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Then, power it on and run through the standard macOS set up process. If you only want certain users to have access to connect to your Mac mini, look to the Allow access for box. You can also turn on Anyone may request permission to control screen. From there, you can use a VNC viewer app to remotely access the Mac mini on an iPad or another computer.

Mac Mini Server Setup Without a Screen or Keyboard | The IvanExpert Mac Blog

You just need the password. Do note that both computers must be on the same Wi-Fi or internet network for this to work.

Windows Keyboard on a Mac

But Remote Management is aimed at system administrators and IT people because it allows for finer controls and configuring capabilities on several Mac devices from a single point. Keep in mind that only one of the two features may be enabled at one time.

Create your own keyboard shortcuts

While he primarily covers Apple and consumer technology, he has past experience writing about public safety, local government, and education for a variety of publications. You can hit Return to activate the selected menu item.

Final words – Apple needs to fix that!

The first time you do so, Finder will be selected by default. Subsequently, the first app selected will be whatever you most recently keyboard navigated to. Like with the menu bar, you can use the arrow keys to open and close Dock item menus, and tap Return to select an item.

Note that in the right-hand side of the Dock, you may need to press Escape to close an open stack, before navigating to a different Dock item. A final tip concerns the shortcuts used to send focus to various on-screen components.

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In the keyboard pane, click the Shortcuts tab and then Keyboard in the sidebar. Click an existing keyboard and then hold your chosen new combination.

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Specification of the Mac mini

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