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I am trying to get the version to work on my mac, but cannot extract the. Can you please help me out.

Two small observations the Pirates seem OP in the early game and the Defiant class don't fire forward guns but do lay mines. I am playing on Reb 1. What about soft cannon? Birth of the Federation game presents quite a few soft cannon ships. Also you could have Ferengi as a playable race which I would love. I am so glad you're going for game play.. I do love SoA2.


But it's mechanically horrible to play. I look forward to trying yours out.

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Just wanted to stop in and say this is probably the best Star Trek: Armada mod I've seen in a long time. Kudos to everyone who has worked hard to put it together. That being said, I hope a few issues are resolved in the next update, such as the tech trees inability to have any pattern. I did notice a slight graphical error with Borg Starbases. If they are built too close to a planet, this happens:. Unfortunately it crashes me every time, after half an hour playing.. Quoting barro83, reply 93 just installed the mod, its awesome! If you are not having any hardware issues then try turning down the graphics settings a level each time you start until it stops crashing.

I've been playing with no crashes everyday since it came out. Did you use the Large Address Aware program? Definitely love this mod but really bummed the 4 player Systems of War map is gone, when I played one of the releases I think back in March it was in STA 3 but now it's gone. My favorite map. Playing as Fed. I'm enjoying it on "normal". But "hard" is kicking my butt.

The Borg are spawning too close to me. I'm gonna try multi-star map to see if that gets me enough time to get my research and economy up. Anybody with tips on how to kick Borg butt would be appreciated. Looking at you Gul Dukat. Have the Armada guys ever talked to the guys over at fleetOps. When they are done it looks like they are going to have an Armada modder's dream environment. Fun mod! This is a fantastic mod, thanks to all the team involved in this - the quality, scope and attention to detail really makes this one of the best mods ever.

I am struggling with the difficulty though. I can only play single player as my gaming time tends to be frequently interrupted, and I've been struggling to set up skirmish games where I don't just get crushed. I've been playing Sins for years and I got used to opponents, most hard and few higher difficulty to make it interesting. Trying a few Armada games like this So I tried 4 opponents easy and the AI opponents seemed, well, easy, except the Borg still crushed my main fleet and 4 heavily defended systems simultaneously Anyway I guess I'm asking how people set up single player games..

Also, are the Borg just intended as a threat for people to co-operate against rather than an opponent faction for single player? And finally, is there anything special I ought to do fighting Klingons? I had a maxed out out fleet, good mix of ships, good experience on the capital ships in an system with a fully upgraded starbase and all the defenses I could build when a similar sized Klingon fleet warped in Normal AI.

Goody, I'm thinking I get the AI to engage me near the Starbase and defense bases and by this point I'm practically rubbing my hands with the glee at the thought of the epic space battle and my inevitable victory.

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So yeah, any and all tips gratefully received. Ashes of the Singularity.

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Just a little nitpick Then the other thing. Will there be a Terok Class station and will it be able to move? Like DS9 in the very first ep? Thank you!

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Even a swarm of fighters doesn't stand much chance against a heavily armed starship - although you'd think the fighters would move too fast for the bigger ships to be able to get a lock on them. Still, no-one said Sci-fi had to be realistic. In fact, it feels like the production team were working on it happily, making good progress, when someone in marketing decided they needed it released next month, and they shipped it way ahead of time. Screenshots from MobyGames. Kurt 1 point. I've having issues where it says i don't have the CD in when i try to launch the game BebeOso 0 point.

So many thanks to LECK for getting this working, for me. The big issue that I seem to have, is that once you've finished the fourth chapter for each faction, that's it. That's as far as the game will allow me to go. It happened for the Federation, so I thought 'Fine, I'll move on'. Did it for all the others. Absolutely no idea why. Tried using a code to move on, but all it seems to do is take me back to the main menu. Then when I try to open up a factions missions, game crashes out.

Very bizarre. Wolfcall 0 point. Warthog -3 points. Nanox -4 points.

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KrisC -2 points. Get a black screen and then a loading cursor, then it closes and windows compatibility pops up. Ran compatibility as well and no difference. Leck 4 points. TJ -3 points. Okay, I have no idea what to do with the ISO files. Why can't you just have the whole game file without having some silly ISO file? I don't like installing multiple apps to get one game "unlocked". Jonnief83 -2 points. I was trying to change the ini file but i have noticed it is locked tight, any ideas? Thatonethere 1 point.

I remember playing this game with my dad. Had some flashbacks to it over Christmas hoping it holds up to my memories. Aserez 1 point. When I was playing this as a teenager i found the full conversion star wars mod which was the absolute BEST.

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Loved it but my old pc could never handle it, now my new old pc can run it in its sleep! Cao 0 point. It's too bad it's tricky to get working, I was kind of hoping somebody would have modified it so that it works on WIndows 10 by now.