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Just use the Kanban view to gather your to-dos as cards in the left column. Use predefined Kanban boards or split up the board as you wish. The same goes for the card layout. The same goes for the other way around: Until now, the only way to plan resources across projects was to invest in additional software. Organize the entire team in one or more central pool files and record working hours, holidays, absences and more. Analyze your project: Which activities eat up the most time? And which of them are on the critical path?

You can activate the built-in groupings at a single click of the mouse or you can create as many of your own groupings as you like with one or more combined conditions.

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Select any activity and then choose: Bold or italic font? No problem. Bar shaded in gray with a purple border? Done in just a couple of clicks.

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This feature lets you format individual activities or even entire groups as you like. You can even go one step further and set element formatting rules.

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The new Style editor makes all this easier than ever before. To provide a similar experience across all systems, TeXworks is based on cross-platform, open source tools and libraries. Qt also provides a rich application framework, facilitating the relatively rapid development of a usable product.

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Although it is possible to configure a processing path based on DVI, newcomers to the TeX world need not be concerned with DVI at all, but can generally treat TeX as a system that goes directly from marked-up text files to ready-to-use PDF documents. TeXworks includes an integrated PDF viewer, based on the Poppler library, so there is no need to switch to an external program such as Acrobat, xpdf, etc.

For Linux, prepackaged binaries may be available through the usual channels for your distribution or are currently in preparation. If no binaries are available for your platform, you can grab a copy of the sources and build TeXworks yourself.

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A few screenshots are available showing the TeXworks 0. If you are using a stable version of TeXworks, "A short manual for TeXworks" should be included automatically. Despite its name, it is quite extensive and should provide all the necessary information for normal usage. This manual normally is accessible from the "Help" menu and possibly also from other locations, such as the Microsoft Windows start menu. For script authors, the primary resource is Paul A.

Norman's TeXworks Scripting Information page. There is a mailing list available for discussion of any topics related to the TeXworks project.

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You can search the list archives online. TeXworks development is currently hosted at GitHub; this is where most resources and the latest source code can be found. Presentations introducing TeXworks have been given at recent TeX conferences. The PDF slides 1.

here Odd-numbered series 0. Numerous snapshots are made available during the evolution of TeXworks, and feedback from those brave enough to use these experimental versions is greatly appreciated! The main focus of this release series is a complete overhaul of the PDF previewer.